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Cool U.S. Army Kid Deployment Journal Things to tell Daddy

Cool U.S. Army Kid Deployment Journal Things to tell Daddy

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Cool U.S. Army Kid Deployment Journal Things tell Daddy Blank Page

Often people have no clue just how strong our soldier's kids have to be. 

They just do the next thing, and carry on!

If the U.S. Army Kid you love has stories they're eager to share, don't chance the year slipping by and those stories being forgotten.

Grab this Journal today!

Supporting those who support their soldier! 


  • Blank pages for dreaming a dream and writing it all down
  • Sketches of favorite memories and missed milestones

It's durable hardcover allows easy transport in a backpack, diaper bag, car, or at home on a bedside table.

.: 128 blank pages (64 sheets)

Designed in the United States by a fellow Army Wife

Magdon Tactical Solutions exits to serve our nation's strongest kiddos! The ones who must kiss their hero in the super-suit goodby. The ones who do hard things, sending thier Daddy off to war. They rarely get recognized for their service. Press on my friend! Embrace those kiddos, and love your soldier well! As you do hard things alongside them, don't forget to stop for treats along the way! Don't ever give up encouraging them to keep their Soldier in the loop of all the missed memories. 

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